Valentine's Day Kids Crafts

 Valentine's Day Luv Puppy Puppet My children had a lot of fun creating and playing with their Valentine's Day Luv Puppy Craft. Reinforce the shape: heart; colors: red, white, black and pink and spacial concepts, such as: over, under, left and right.

Valentine's Day "Some-buggy Loves You" Gift Bag What a great way to say "I Love You" before the gift is even opened! This is a fun and super easy Valentine's Day craft that teaches the Shapes: Heart and Rectangle, Colors: Red and Black, and the Concept: Pattern and Symmetry all while creating a "lovely" ladybug. 

Baby Craft: Valentine's Day Marbled Heart Flower I spend a lot of time creating crafts with my two and four year old, while my little man (at this time 8 months old) sits on my lap and watches in wonder. Today, while I was marbling a Valentine's Day craft with my older children, I looked at my baby and thought "why can't he participate with this craft?" That is when I decided that he was going to create his own marbled Valentine's Day craft.

Valentine's Day Marbled Picture Frame- This is a very simple Valentine's Day Craft that teaches color theory (mixing red and white makes pink), patterns, letter/word recognition and /or letter writing. With a few simple materials, turn an ordinary photo mat into a work of art.  
Valentine's Day Mr. Love Heart- Make a textured heart character with this simple Valentine's Day Craft. The crumbling of the tissue paper is great for sensory play as it teaches the importance of patience. 

Some Buggy Loves You Valentine's Day Stuffed Toy This craft is the "Stuffed Toy" version of my Some Buggy Loves You Gift Bag and is intended for children ages 8 and up.

Penguin Craft

I Heart Penguins- This is a  very simple Valentine's Day Kids Craft to do with your young child. Depending on age and abilities. This easy-to-make kids craft can teach shapes (heart), colors (black and white= contrast), and fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, placement of hearts).

Kids Craft-
  "Bee" My Valentine Card- My children absolutely loved creating this Bee card. We incorporated marble paining, cutting, and writing to make the perfect "Bee" My Valentine Card Kids Craft! We used yellow paper to create the bee; however, you can use Valentine's Day colors such as red and pink to give your bee a love bug touch;-)
Valentine's Day Love Cakes- Make a "Love Cake" out of homemade puffy paint for this super easy and fun Valentine's Day Kids Craft.


  1. Great paper crafts ideas for kids!

  2. These are so cute.
    Tabitha has already started wanting to make our Valentines People from last year. She drew her own hearts and cut them out (with some help from daddy) and added arms and legs. I think they WANT to do some of the same things we did last year. But I am always on the look out for new ideas.

  3. These are really cute! What great ideas!


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