The Potty Training Resource Center: A Parent's Toolbox

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...... but I am going to need help getting there- Okay?????"

Type the words "potty training" into any search engine and your results can be endless. What sites are the most supportive and the most helpful? I have spent the last 5 years surfing the web to find answers to all my potty training needs and have concluded it with the list below. Need support? Have a question(s) for an expert? Or are you just looking for resources to aid you (and your little trainee) with your potty training efforts? Look no further than here, my friend.

The Potty Training Resource Center: A Parent's Toolbox
  • Charts:
Need potty charts? Freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com may be just the site you are looking for. This wonderful site includes easy to print charts in many designs- all for free! They also provide a lot of potty training advice and potty training coupons that can make any parent armed and educated!

Want to be more goal specific while potty training? Check out this customizable potty chart from Pull-Ups.com.

  • Advice:
Have a question? Want to know how to begin potty training? Check out Baby Center's Potty Training Basics to obtain all the information you need before, during and after you have potty trained your little tike.

Need professional potty training advice that is straight forward? Mayo Clinic's, Potty Training: How to get the job done is honest, informative and straight to the point.

WebMD's Potty Training: How and When to Toilet Train your Child also provides parents with good advice and knowledge that is very useful and informative.

HealthyChildren.org is another great informational site that covers topics from when to start potty training to late trainers all the way to regression.

  • Support Groups:
Are you the type who needs a group behind you to chat with and vent through this crucial time? Then check out CafeMom's Potty Training Support Group.

Where have you turned to on the Internet to seek potty training advice?


  1. Thank you for posting these great resources. I thought I'd done a good job looking, but didn't find these.

    1. Indeed, This is a good post about potty training! Love it and got inspired!

      Well, Once I noticed common signs that my young boy has to use the comfort room, I respond immediately. These signs can be holding their genital area, squirming or squatting.

      I help him get more familiar with all these signals.

      I stop whatever he is currently doing and go to the comfort room right away.

      If he told me that he needs to go to the toilet, I praise him. And If it is time to flush, I let him do it alone.

      Potty charts does help!


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