Kids Craft- Upcycled Penguin Friends

Kids Craft Penguin
Kids Craft- Upcycled Penguin Friends

Construct an Upcycled Penguin Friend out of household materials with this easy to make kids craft. Great project for an arctic animal theme! Teach about contrast (black/white) and shapes (oval, circle, triangle).

Classified: Easy and is great for the preschool and Kindergarten child.

What you need:
  • Egg carton (just the part where the egg is held is needed)
  • Bathroom cup
  • Orange and black fun foam
  • White and black acrylic paint
  • Glue 
  • Marker

What to do:
Prep: Cut out an individual section that an egg was in to make the penguins head. Cut a medium sized heart out of the orange fun foam for the penguin's feet and a small triangle for the beak. Cut two medium teardrops out of the black fun foam for the penguin's wings.

1. Have your child paint the penguin's head (egg carton section) and the bathroom cup black with acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

2. Once dry, glue the head to the body and the feet to the bottom of the cup. Then have your child to paint a white oval on the penguin's body (bathroom cup) and a white circle on the penguin's face (egg carton section). See photo below:
Kids Craft Painting Penguin

Attaching Penguin feet3. Once the glue has set and the paint has dried, have your child draw a face on the penguin. Attach the orange triangle to the face with glue. We set our penguin on its side and added a fair amount of glue to make the penguin's beak stand up. Also glue on the penguin's wings (black teardrop fun foam). We then let it dry over night!

Great penguin books to read:

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  1. I host a weekly meme called Thematic Thursday. Each week has a theme and this penquin would be perfect for this week's Winter/Snow theme. Submissions taken through tomorrow night.

  2. This is so creative and your little peguin turned out so cute!

  3. Aaaah what a very very cute penguin. Adorable.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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