Google+ Weekend Hop- 2

Hello and welcome to the 
Google+ Weekend Hop 
Google+ Weekend Hop
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Rules are simple- PLEASE READ:
1. Please take a moment to add the Google+ Widget to your blog. It only takes a moment. Need directions how? Read Adding the Google+ Badge to your Blog.
2. Add the 2 Hostesses on Google+. We will gladly add you back!
3. Link up your Blog and NOT directly to your Google+ Page. Why? One major benefit of the GFC hops is that you had to visit the blog to become a follower. That helped with stats. It's just as easy to join a circle from the Google+ Widget from someone's blog. It also allows you a chance to know the blog you are following.
4. Leave a comment and follow back!

That's it! Check back every Friday and enjoy meeting new bloggers all weekend long.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful hop. I've been away from blogging for a little while and I never though when I got back Google+ would be so big. I've got to get working on that. Thanks again and I added you to my Blogging Friends circle.

  2. I think I am going to need help with Google+, I haven't really figured it out yet. It took me forever just to figure out facebook! I have an account and now follow both of your blogs but I don't get the whole "circle" thing or how to get the widget for people to follow in my blog. I guess I need to take a closer look and figure it out! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for hosting the hop! I keep trying to get the widget to work but it won't, there is a button though on my blog that links to my G+.

    1. I have huge problems with the Plus 1 button. It's weird because I guess it's a Blogger issue?!

  4. Ok, I figured it out a bit more, now I just need to figure out how to get the link on the side of my blog. Can anybody help?

  5. Didn't realize I didn't already have you in my circles. Sorry. You are now in my Karen Waide circles and my Tots and Me circles. I love that you have people linking up to blog pages and using the widget. Definitely a good point about the stats.
    Have a great weekend. Hope you have a chance to stop by and join in with Lovin' The Weekend blog hops this weekend. They are open now.

  6. Thank you for hosting! I've added everyone to my Google+ Circle :)


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