Adventures in Potty Training- There is no "I" in team

I was very discouraged when I wrote my last post written in My Adventures of Potty Training series. He had almost gone two whole days without success. I was getting very discouraged and starting to show it. The hardest part of being a parent is to not show your emotions when you know that it can hinder the situation or hurt your child's self esteem. Worst of all, I am a control freak and very impatient. My little man is looking at me to be his coach and advisor. What I really needed was one myself. It is times like these when I wish that there was a PTA group (Potty Training Anonymous) where we can meet and discuss our (not our little ones in training) difficulties during this time. 

It would probably sound something like this....................

"Hello, my name is Aimee and I have been potty training for about a week now. At first it was getting him to go on the potty once or twice a day.... then I became addicted. I wanted him to go MORE! I wanted him to be consistent- I DO NOT LIKE TO CHANGE DIAPERS!!!!" 

I would probably have to take a moment and sip on some ice water and then continue....... "But then I became obsessed. I started blaming myself for each failure. That's when I knew that I needed help."

Everyone would then stand up and clap and I would have taken a huge load off my chest. Unfortunately it doesn't work out that way and I needed to start getting it together for the potty success of my little man. Self, "remember he is just learning. You two are a team. He cannot be successful without you and you cannot teach him if you take it personally. This is uncharted territory. Don't give up- just back off!"

That's just what I did. I went back to the relaxed take him at the obvious "have to go" times. I also implemented quality no diaper time. That way he became more aware of his body. I did not give up- I backed off and relaxed.

And now we are back on track! He has gone minimally three times a day for the last two days.

How did I know not to wave the white flag and continue? Well, I first knew that he was ready to master potty training by these specific signs:
  1. He was dry during naps. What about nights? Well, that's a toughie because my little man is lazy in the mornings and will lie in bed for a half hour-hour before he gets up. I learned not to disturb him as he is not a morning person. When we are truly ready to give up diapers I will then conquer that hurdle.
  2. He showed interest. He would watch and comment on our family business in the potty.
  3. He knows his private parts. He knows where they are and what they do and he is very proud of it!
  4. His diapers were dry more than they were wet.
  5. He has a VERY easy going personality!
 Honestly, I was going to give it a few more days. If it didn't pan out I would of backed off completely for a week or two knowing that he mentally was not ready to give up that part of his babyhood.

When did you know your was ready? What signs did you notice?

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