Adventures in Potty Training- Siblings: Friend or Foe??

A few posts back I told a story about when I potty trained while working in a child care facility and how all the children were wonderful support to one another. It worked out great! Today, as I am potty training my third born child I came across yet another challenging obstacle- the older sister. 

Not that Diva Deville isn't a support system; I just think she takes this potty training tango to the extreme. If I have to step out of the room while we are having his bottomless time, my 3 and a half year old little angel takes over and persists that he sits on the potty. He then becomes discouraged and angry. To make matters worse she becomes very upset and takes it personally when I discuss with her that although she is being a huge help we cannot force the Gavmeister to sit on the potty!

I also find her hovering over him while he is in the bathroom to be a little excessive. It gets really crowded around The John these days.

When he does succeed she wants a treat or a sticker as well. My older son, who usually cares less about his ability to use the potty, will then also take a special interest to his bathroom business and try to sneak one in.

I fear that I cannot win.

However, he does learn a lot from his older siblings and they do encourage him as he is learning. They just sometimes forget that I am the coach and try to over-step their boundaries! For now, I will encourage them as they encourage their younger brother. I will kindly remind them to back-off as it may be too overwhelming for the Gavmeister to learn when they are constantly hovering over him!

Has older siblings been an issue with you while you have tried to potty train?

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  1. I haven't had the hovering problem, but I have had them expect a reward. At first I wasn't sure that was okay, but in my case the potty training child thought it was a great idea for them to get a reward, too. So I went with the potty training child's opinion - and I emphasize to the older kids that their job is to be supportive and encouraging. It worked - but I'm THRILLED to be done with potty training for a couple years now!!!


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