Adventures in Potty Training: Prep and Landing

If there is one piece of knowledge that I can pass on to parents embarking on the journey of potty training, it's this: Preparation and timing is EVERYTHING- execution is only secondary!

Prep- it's what's for breakfast! Preparation is vital and key for potty training to be successful for both coach and the newbie potty-goer. Take it from me and my first mistake with my first child and potty training. I did not educate myself or my child. Although I have read these following books twice- I felt compelled to pick them back up as a refresher course for the third time around. I suggest picking these books up for a good read:

Reading isn't only for adults! There are many potty books for children as well. Not only do they help with visuals and kid friendly explanations of how to use the potty- they also make a great read while trying to keep your tot in one place (like the potty) for a while. Here are some of our favorites:

What else have we been doing to prepare for the BIG Day?
  • We have been using our potty talk. I am not ashamed to say that I don't mind talking poop. Every time we have a diaper change we simply talk about that his poop and pee (or bowel movement and urine) are going to be going into the potty soon and that he is a big boy now. We also talk about what body parts they come from.
  • We brought out our toddler potty seat and the seat for the toilet. From my previous experience I'd rather have both on hand not knowing which one he will be more comfortable with!
  • He has been taking off his own pants for diaper changes. Great practice for when the big moment happens. From my personal experience the ability to pull up and down his or her pants successfully independently is only a help for parents and not a total necessity for potty training.  I know some experts may disagree with that- but I had to help my first born with that a lot before he was able to do it solo. I was more concerned that he was able to tell me that he had to go- I could help with the rest.
  • It is his mission to attend bathroom meetings. In other words we (we meaning everyone in the house) has been inviting him into their potty session and talking about it.
Any "Potty Pros" reading this post? What have you done to prep your little one?


  1. No way a potty pro - as J is my first but I did post up a list of some UK potty training books today that we are reading at the moment to help http://rainydaymum.co.uk/potty-training-books (hope you don't mind me adding the link)

  2. Hey Aimee, check out the "TinyHiney" potty seat on www.glaxitz.com. My granddaughter "goes to see the penguins."

  3. We read "Girl's Potty Time" to prepare out toddler to use the potty. Then we refer to the book when she gets fussy. Fortunately, she loves to read!


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