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Welcome to the 2011 - Best Ideas for Kids! I hope you all had a fabulous year and are looking forward to another one. This year a group of amazingly creative kid bloggers and yours truly, Classified: Mom,  have created a "Best of 2011" Linky for everyone to join in the fun! So please make sure to link up your favorite Child Centered post of 2011 at the end of my post here. And make sure to stop by and visit the amazing ideas that have linked up!

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Let's get to Classified: Mom's Best of 2011!

 I have to honestly say that regardless of posting items to Classified: Mom my children and I do a lot of artwork. My daughter (age 3) is the most artful, followed by her youngest brother (20 months) who likes to paint and color. My oldest boy (age 5) isn't always sold on the whole "art experience." So when I originally thought up my Easter Egg Food Coloring Tie-Dye Crayon Resist Post I thought 2 scenarios would occur 1. the idea would flop and 2. My oldest wouldn't be interested. But oh-boy was I wrong. Not only did all three of my children LOVE creating their eggs- they also turned out beautiful (if I do say so myself!)

With very few materials and a whole lot of fun, you can make countless tie-dye eggs while learning about the art of wax resist and color theory.

And now for the 2011 Best Ideas for Kids Linky. Please link up ONE of your favorite post from 2011. Also make sure to stop by and visit all the creative fun that has happened in the bloggy land in the year 2011!

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