Quick Homemade Stocking Gift Idea for Your Child's Teacher

This is just a quick post to give you an example of what your child can make for his or her teacher for a Christmas present. Being an educator myself, I really and truly appreciated the parents and their child who took time out of their busy holiday life to think of me. Some of the best gifts I received were homemade! I had this reindeer candy cane ornament that I put on my tree for the last 6 years that was given to me by a 3rd grader. Sadly, this year good 'ole Ruddy the Candy Cane Reindeer had to be laid to rest alongside a couple of dirty tissues and last night's supper {AKA Garbage}. I cried. For a moment. I did send him away with a few good words and some cherished memories.

Anyway {back to my post here}, creating a stocking for your teacher is a fun and inexpensive way to make a long-lasting gift. I spent $1 on the stocking itself {I also bought a coffee cup ($1) some chocolates and packages of hot chocolate to go inside}. Below you will find two examples:
Rockin' Rudolph Stocking

Simply paint your child's hands with acrylic paint right onto the stocking itself. Use puffy paint to add final touches.Click here to see directions on how to make the Reindeer on the stocking.

Martian Christmas Elf
 My 5 year old couldn't get enough of the elves we created earlier. Like his green Martian-like ears? Add a little puffy paint, some wiggly eyes and imagination to make this stocking. Click here for elf direction.

What did you and your child do for a teacher Christmas present this year?

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