Paper Plate Santa Pocket Craft

Paper Plate Santa Pocket Craft

If you have been a follower of Classified: Mom for a while, then you probably remember my Apple and Pumpkin Pocket Craft to help teach your preschooler how to recognize their name. Well, the same concept is back- this time with a Christmas Twist!

Classified: Easy and great for learning activities or to receive letters from Santa.

What you need:
  • 2 Dinner paper plates
  • 1 Paper bowl
  • Red and skin-color paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cotton Balls
  • Black, red and brown paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Google Eyes
  • Marker

What to do:
Prep: Cut one of the paper plates in half. Make a red triangle for Santa's hat of red paper; 2 gloves and boots of black paper; and a brown stripe for a belt out of brown paper. Keep all of these items in proportion to the size of the bowl and plate you are using.

1. Paint the top of the whole paper plate and the bottom of the half of the paper plate red (opposite sides of the plate to create a pocket). Paint the paper bowl a skin tone color. Allow to dry.
Paint the plates... or hands- whichever comes first!

2. Staple the face (paper bowl) to the top of the red whole paper plate. Make sure the bowl is 1/3 overlapping the red paper plate.

3. Staple the half of plate to the whole plate and have your child glue on the belt first, then the boots and gloves.

4. Add cotton balls to the top (tip) and bottom of the red triangle to create Santa's hat. Set aside.

5. Glue on Santa's hair and beard. Add eyes and draw on a nose.
Plan out Santa's beard and hair with glue

6. Glue on Santa's hat. Allow all pieces to dry.
Completed Santa

Free Printables:
Fill your Santa Belly with one of these free printables:

Activity Suggestions:
  • Write numbers for number recognition. My oldest has to learn math by memorizing simple addition facts. We wrote numbers and + and = signs to practice his skills. 
  •  Write the letters of your child's (student's) name and practice putting the items in correct order.
  • Write sight words on each item and encourage them to create simple sentences- or just practice sight words!
  • Remember to have your child (student) color each item and cut them out by his or her self!

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  1. That's adorable and came out well!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Two years after you published this Santa I discovered it and found it... ADORABLE!!
    Thanks a lot from Buenos Aires, Argentina.



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