Make a Santa Face from a Soda Bottle Craft

Make a Santa Face from a Soda Bottle Craft

I love to create. I love the feeling of taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that and turning into something. This craft is extremely easy to do and costs about $2.50 to make. You can easily make this Santa Face at any artistic level with a few simple materials and by missing out on your soda bottle deposit.

Classified: Easy and is great for the crafty (or wants to be crafty) mom (due to use of hot glue gun)

What you need:
  • 2 Liter soda (pop- sorry from WNY we say pop) bottle
  • Flesh colored acrylic paint
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun and glue (low temp)
  • Cotton balls
  • Red felt (2 sheets)
  • White yarn

What to do:
1. Wash out and take off the label to your 2 liter soda (pop) bottle. Dry thoroughly.

2. Poor in the flesh colored acrylic paint and put the top back on the soda bottle. Shake vigorously.

3. Draw an outline of where you want the hair, beard, hat and face to be. Use this as your guideline.
Use your outline as a guide
Red felt mouth

4. Cut a piece of red felt in the shape of a mouth and glue to the soda bottle where you designated Santa's mouth to be.

5. Stretch and twirl the cotton balls to form the beard and hair. Using the glue gun, glue to the areas of the bottle in which you planned on having his beard and hair. Make the beard more full by gluing three layers of cotton "twirls" one on top of the other. Do the same for his mustache.

6. Glue wiggle eyes on and cotton eye brows.

7. Draw in nose with permanent marker.

8. Wrap a whole sheet of red felt around the top of the soda bottle and glue into place. Tie the end with a piece of yarn and glue on a cotton ball.
One sheet of red felt for Santa's Hat

9. Glue full cotton balls around the brim of Santa's hat.

10. Display.

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