Kindergarten Cookie Math Plate

Kindergarten Cookie Math Plate

One of my son's favorite subjects in school is math. Which, unlike his mother, is very good at it! New York State has just revamped their credentials for what a Kindergartener is expected to know by the first grade. No longer can my son {or any other child in Kindergarten for that matter} use his fingers and toes to figure out simple math equations- he must now answer all by memory. Everyday he brings home flash cards and he (we) get bored with it quickly. To make memorizing math fun again, we created this Cookie Math Plate.

What you need:

What to do:
1. Print out all the free prinatables required for this project.

2. Write numbers 0-20 (one number per cookie) with black permanent marker and have your child color or paint in the cookies.

3. Cut out the number strips and laminate. Cut out and laminate the number cookies as well.

4. Cut slits into the plate about 1" long and 1.5" apart vertically so the strip easily slides into it (see photo). Then write a "plus" (+) sign and cut slits into the plate again just as before. Then write an "equals" sign (=).
Cut slits into the plate to fit the number strips accordingly.
5. Slide the laminated number strips into each opening so they can easily move up and down inside the box. I taped small pieces of tag board to either end of both strips to act as a stopper.

6. To play: either you or your child make a mathematical equation and use the correct number cookie to solve it!

Have fun with math!

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