Easy Paper Cup Christmas Tree Craft

Easy Paper Cup Christmas Tree Craft

Create a Christmas tree out of inexpensive- find around the house items! I'll teach you the basics- but please let your imagination run wild from there.

Classified: Easy- in fact a young toddler could accomplish this with some help!

What You Need:
  • 3 different sizes of PAPER cups (for example, bathroom cups, kitchen cups, and a hot/cold beverage cup)
  • Green paint (we love acrylic- and I would suggest it for this craft.)
  • Toilet paper roll.
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue
  • What we used: glitter glue pens, beads
  • What you can also use: stickers, ribbon, wire, miniature lights for Christmas trees, candy, etc.

What To Do:
  1.  Paint each cup green and stack together before they dry. Quick Tip: does your paper cups have a design on them that the green paint can't seem to cover? Add a little white to your green paint to make it more opaque and able to cover the design.
  2. Decorate. Again my kids had a blast using glitter paint pens that I bought from a dollar store. It looks like multi-colored tinsel. We then added beads for ornaments and cut out a small piece of red felt for the tree skirt.
  3. Dry and enjoy!
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Christmas Tree Decoration and it's History

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  1. very talented I like your art

    visited through bloggers

  2. These are super cute!!! Who knew plastic cups could be so versatile! :)

  3. I love this craft. Looks so easy and fun!!


  4. Simple and very inexpensive to do! Thank you all for visiting!

  5. I really love this project. I have tons of cups at my house. Thank you for showing me a way to create with them.

    I would love for you to lnk this up to my Christmas Traditions Link Up tomorrow!


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