Animal Alphabet Art- C is for Caterpillar

Animal Alphabet Art- C is for Caterpillar
What you need:

What to do:
1. Use a pencil and lightly draw a large letter C in the center of the paper. This will be used as a guide.

2. Squirt red, yellow and green paint onto a palette (we use wax paper). Squeeze white glue over the top. This will make the colors run into one another, give it a glossy look and add a little texture.
Creating texture paint

3. Use a cotton ball and blot the color-mixture around the letter C. Allow to dry.
blotting with cotton balls

4. Using the end of a paper towel tube, dip it in black and stamp it directly over the blotted color to make it look like the caterpillars body. Allow to dry.
stamping with paper towel roll

5. Using crayon or markers, draw in the details of the face and legs.

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