Thanksgiving Art and Craft Ideas

Paper Mache Turkey- Create paper mache turkeys while expressing what you are thankful for. Classified: Medium.

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath - create a simple wreath using your hands and thoughts on what you are thankful for.

Cornucopia Paper Craft- Make a 3D cornucopia out of paper manipulation.

Easy Wooden Turkey Craft- Want a fun craft that is super easy to do for yourself or your child for Thanksgiving? If you have 10 minutes then you have more than enough time to make this fun little figurine that will sit nicely on a shelf or as part of a centerpiece for the dinner table at your Thanksgiving feast.

Simple Mayflower Craft- Make a simple Mayflower Craft using materials you may already have in your home! Great craft to enhance a lesson about pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving and the Mayflower. Turn a photo of your little one into a pilgrim to further engage your child!

Textured Thanksgiving Turkey- Create a three-dimensional Thanksgiving Turkey out of paper plates, cups, bowls and tissue paper.

Pilgrim and Wampanoag Faces Thanksgiving Craft- Learn how to create the face of a Pilgrim and Wampanoag people made from wood, yarn, feathers and foam sheets with this Thanksgiving craft idea. Although this momma decided to do this craft on her own, children 7 and up could easily accomplish this with little help.

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