November is Nutrition Month Food Collage

November is Nutrition Month Food Collage

The month of November was one of my favorites to teach art to preschoolers during before I became a SAHM. Why? Simple. There are so many good things going on in November: fall, Veteran's day, Thanksgiving- but most of all  November is Nutrition Month. And coincidentally it falls in the same month where we take one day and celebrate it by stuffing our faces: Thanksgiving (no pun intended here).

Again, when I taught art to preschoolers, I presented food as a theme at the same time I taught about collage as art. I tied both themes together- and the children cut and pasted a food collage. It was very bright and colorful as I emphasized the importance of fruits and vegetables! This time, as I retaught this lesson to my preschool-aged child,  I wanted to use the Choose My Plate visual (which, in my opinion is fantastic) and teach about the importance of balance of food.

Classified: Easy and is a great way to teach about nutrition and collage while encouraging fine motor skills (cutting, pasting).

What you need:
  • Food Magazine pages, newspaper ads, old cookbooks, etc. (anything with pictures of food)
  • Child scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White Paper

Please Note: you can draw your own "Choose My Plate" illustration; however there are a lot of great resources listed here for you to print and use!

What to do:
Have your 3-4 year old cut and paste their own food collage
  1. Create or download the "Chose My Plate" Illustration. Discuss about portion control and the importance of food.
  2. Talk about what the word collage means. Show examples. Tell your preschooler that they will be making a collage today with their plates and images of food.
  3. Search for images of one food group (for example, dairy) at a time in the magazines, newspaper ads, etc. Have your preschooler cut out and paste that specific food in the correct location on the plate as you go. Keep in mind that it is a collage, so encourage over-lapping of food images. Repeat until the entire plate is full of yummy, nutritious food!
  4. You can tie this in easily with Thanksgiving and the food that they eat as a family!


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