Halloween Art and Craft Ideas

3D Ghosts - This project is great for kids 2-6 and helps them with fine motor skills as well as sensory awareness. You could also talk about contrast (the white ghost against the black background.) Classified: Easy

Bat Mobile - Learn facts about bats as you create a mobile of bats. Ages 2-5 with help; 6-8 with little or no help. Classified: Hard

Halloween Treat Jars - Decoupage baby food jars and make neat gifts. Ages: 7 and up. Classified: Easy

Frankenstein Face - Learn the basics of paper sculpture while creating Frankenstein's face. Classified: Very Easy! Check back in December as Santa will be a bit more complicated.

Bat Cupcakes- Make chocolate bat molds to create this project. Classified: Medium. I would say "Classified: Hard" only because I am NOT a baker!

Spider and Web Craft- I loved doing this craft with my 3 year old daughter! She despises spiders- but really got into creating one!

Frankenstein Footprint Head- Here is a very simple Halloween craft that you can do with your toddler-preschool aged child and have as a keepsake for each year!

 Frankenstein or Pumpkin Candy Cans-  Moms and older children can make these Candy Can Halloween Gift with ease. Don't discount younger children though. With a little help they can be of great assistance! Total estimated price: $1.00!

Easy Illuminated Ghost Sculpture- This was the easiest craft that my daughter (3) and I sat down to do using materials that you already have laying around the house!

Toddler Halloween Moon Shadow Craft My 18 month old loved this sensory-based learning craft for Halloween with our homemade puffy paint. Very easy to make and think of all the different possibilities!

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