Christmas Art and Craft Ideas

Christmas Marbled Hand Wreath- Create a keepsake Christmas Wreath by using your child’s hand, and a very easy marbling technique.

Santa Face Paper Craft- his paper craft is perfect for children in second grade and up and takes a few sessions to complete due to drying time.

Easy Tinsel Wreath- Create a very simple, yet elegant wreath using tinsel garland. This craft takes about 10 minutes to make and is great to give as a gift. It is even easy enough for the 6+ crowd to create!

Tinsel Silver and Gold Christmas Tree: Done with that Turkey day dinner? Have you begun to buy Christmas wrap and decoration? Want to do something creative with all that stuff lying around the house (Well, sort of)? Then the Tinsel Christmas Tree is a craft for you!!

Santa and Mrs. Claus Face Mask: Watch your children become Santa and/or Mrs. Claus with this face mask craft.
Countdown to Christmas- Create a "Days Until Christmas" countdown chalkboard that you can keep and treasure from year to year and is suited for children for 5 (with help) and up. It's simple- and you can chose up to three designs.

Christmas Tree Hand and Foot Print- Roll up your sleeves and take off your socks and shoes for this project- because it's gonna be a ticklish kind of mess ;-) 

A Letter to Santa Present- Want to add a little something special to that letter to Santa? Make it a complete package by turning it into a present for Santa.  

Santa and Reindeer Plate- Want to add some pizzazz to the milk and cookies that you will leave out for Santa? Have fun decorating a plate and cup with your child(ren) that you will leave out for Santa Christmas Eve night. 

 Santa Paper Tube Doll- The Santa Paper Tube Doll is an easy craft to do with your young child or in a classroom setting. With a few simple materials, and a creative little hand, you can make Santa come to life with this easy children's craft.

Rudolph Felt Ornament Want to make a keepsake that can be passed on generation to generation? The Rudolph Felt Ornament is a fun craft that is great as a gift or to keep for your family. It's easy enough to do at home or in a classroom with young children and babies!
 Baby's First Ornament Craft When I was younger and going to college for teaching, I worked for many years in the day care industry. I was always amazed that every age was involved some way or another with a craft. Today, I involved my almost 8 month old in his own craft while my two older ones created one of their own.

Letter to Santa- Free Printables- Practice writing letters to Santa! Enjoy these Free Preschool "Letter to Santa" Printables created  by Classified: Mom! Have your preschooler trace the "Dear Santa," and work together to write Santa a formal letter or just a simple list of items he or she desires!

Easy Paper Cup Christmas Tree Craft- Create a Christmas tree out of inexpensive- find around the house items! I'll teach you the basics- but please let your imagination run wild from there.


Christmas Elf Handprint Craft- Make a cute Christmas Elf out of your child's handprint that will be a keepsake for years to come!

Classified: Easy and is great for children (and babies) of all ages!

Tie-Dye Ornaments- During the Easter 2010 season, we here at Classified: Mom created Tie-Dye Easter Eggs with food coloring and a spray bottle. Well, we did it again- this time with coffee filters and puffy paint!
Santa Learning Pockets- If you have been a follower of Classified: Mom for a while, then you probably remember my Apple and Pumpkin Pocket Craft to help teach your preschooler how to recognize their name. Well, the same concept is back- this time with a Christmas Twist!

Soda Santa- I love to create. I love the feeling of taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that and turning into something. This craft is extremely easy to do and costs about $2.50 to make. You can easily make this Santa Face at any artistic level with a few simple materials and by missing out on your soda bottle deposit.


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