Animal Alphabet Art- W is for Walrus in Water

Animal Alphabet Art- W is for Walrus in Water

Make a salt water walrus to learn about the letter W.

What you need:

What  to do:
Prep: Download and cut out the Walrus Tracers.  Trace all parts onto grey/light blue construction paper. Have your preschool practice cutting out these very easy shapes.

1. Glue all pieces onto the "W" page of the Animal Alphabet Book together to form a Walrus. (See photo above.)

2. Have your preschooler draw the face onto the walrus.

3. Using water color paints and salt, create a textured "salt watere color reacts to the salt." sea scape. First, have your preschooler watercolor the sea by using very watery blue watercolor paint. Then show them how the salt reacts with the pigment. This technique will give the water depth and texture.
Start by adding water color to create a sea scape

Then add salt to the water color. Allow your preschooler to explore.

4. Allow all pieces to dry.

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