Animal Alphabet Art- T is for Tiger

Animal Alphabet Art- T is for Tiger

My 3 year old LOVED marble painting this tiger!

What you need:

What to do:

Prep: Cut a letter T out of orange paper. Using the tiger face stencil, cut and trace the face of the tiger out of orange paper. If your preschooler is capable- allow them to cut the tiger head out by him or herself.

1. Place the tiger face inside a lidded box, gently tape into place. Squirt black paint around the tiger face cut out and toss in a few marbles. Cover the box and have your preschooler shake. Once your preschooler is satisfied with the amount of stripes have her take the tiger face out of the box and set aside to dry.

2. Once the black paint is dry, have your preschooler assemble the tiger's face: Glue the plain orange "T" in the center to act as the tiger's brow and nose. Glue on the nose and eyes.

3. Draw in details.

4. Glue to The letter T sheet from the Animal Alphabet Book.


  1. What a cute T tiger! Thanks for linking it up to TGIF Linky Party!! =-)

  2. Cute, cute! Hopping over from TGIF.


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