It's That Time of Year Again- Gift Giving- Bah, Husband!

It's almost Halloween. This only means one thing: ‘Tis the Season to start thinking Christmas for all of my Christmas loving fans. This is the time of year that definitely loses its true meaning. Like many other wives and mothers out there, this may also be a time of great stress- especially when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for your significant other!

I know that when I say the next statement, I do not walk this path alone. "My husband is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for!" Why? He is too practical- too "I don't need anything"- too, well, impossible! Every year he shoots down every idea that comes to my head and has pre-determined excuses as to why he doesn't need any of my suggested items!

This year I decided that I am going to get a head start and not clue him in on my gift giving endeavor. My husband is a banker and loves numbers and calculators and everything that has to do with math. {It's left side of the brain vs. the right side of the brain in our household!} I came across this awesome Checkbook Calculator at Taylor Gifts that I cannot wait to order!
Here is the description:

"Checkbook calculator keeps your accounts balanced. Organizes receipts and checkbook, handy way to track A™ withdraws and deposits. Touch button, password protected calculator helps you keep track of financial transactions. Makes it easy to calculate, store and update all monthly records. Faux leather case includes checkbook pocket/pen holder. Shuts off automatically but keeps data stored. Slim purse design goes anywhere. Includes two batteries. 6 1/2 x 3 1/4"."

Did you ever here of the expression "Don't take your job home with you?" My husband literally runs his home like he is at work. {Only difference is: he reports to me!} This would be a fantastic way for him to keep his business home finances running the smoothly and in an organized way {yes, I just typed that}.  What really makes this calculator truly appealing is that its reasonably priced! And my husband, being as frugal as he is, cannot complain about the low price of this Checkbook Calculator ($19.98 plus shipping). So, great gift for him, low cost for me- it’s a win-win in my book.

Let the countdown begin and the gift giving come to light. May the next two months bring you joy and less stress. Have you started your shopping yet?

Disclaimer: This is a partnered post. All opinions are mine.

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