Easy Wooden Turkey Craft

Easy Wooden Turkey Craft

Want a fun craft that is super easy to do for yourself or your child for Thanksgiving? If you have 10 minutes then you have more than enough time to make this fun little figurine that will sit nicely on a shelf or as part of a centerpiece for the dinner table at your Thanksgiving feast.

Classified: Easy and is an easy project for preschoolers and moms to create together!

What you need:
  • 2" Unfinished Wooden Eggs
  • 3/4" Wooden hearts- 4 of them
  • 2 3/4" Wooden Heart
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Orange and red pipe cleaners
  • Acrylic Paint- brown, orange, red and yellow
  • Black marker
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Quick tip! A great place to order your craft supplies is Factory Direct Craft found at http://www.factorydirectcraft.com/ . I have ordered from there several times and was very impressed with the quality, price and how fast I received my shipments!

What to do:
1. Paint the oval egg, large heart and two small hearts brown and set aside to dry. Paint the two remaining small hearts orange for the turkey's feet.

2. Paint in details as you see fit with the red, orange and yellow paint. See the turkey above for an example.

3. Please Note! Parents if you are working with younger children, do not allow them to use the glue gun- assembly is only done by an adult.

  • Glue the two orange hearts together to form the feet.
  • Glue the brown egg to the feet to form the Turkey's body and head.
  • Glue the small brown hearts upside-down to either side of the Turkey's body to make the wings.
  • Glue the large heart to the back of the Turkey's body to form the tail.
  • Glue on two wiggle eyes.
  • Cut and shape the orange pipe cleaner into a triangle and glue it just under the Turkey's eyes.
  • Cut a small piece of red pipe cleaner and glue it under the beak.
    4. Add details with black marker.

     Helpful hint- to get the glue gun strays away- take a blow dryer to your finished turkey.

    Disclaimer- this is a sponsored post. Please visit my PR & Disclaimer page for more details. All opinions and project ideas are my own.


    1. love this using the different shaped wooden pieces! You are festive my friend - I need to move on the seasonal crafts - my girls are itching to decorate

    2. I love this turkey! We just posted our very first linkup ever on momstown arts & crafts, I'd love for you to link up as we're looking for turkey crafts!

    3. cute turkey from simple hearts - terrific!

    4. Thank you- thank you! Really simple to make!

    5. Great ideas for Thanksgiving! i love it, thanks for sharing.

    6. This is so cute! We can use the Easter eggs too! I have a collection of them!

    7. This is super cute! I love the shapes in it. So fun to start seeing some Thanksgivign ideas.
      Thanks for linking up to TGIF Linky Party. I always love seeing your creativity!
      Beth =-)


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