Animal Alphabet Art- Y is for Yak

Animal Alphabet Art- Y is for Yak

Make a yak using the basic Y shape to help your children learn the alphabet! Have your child practice cutting out the yak's body to help work with fine motor skills.

What you need:

What to do:
1. Prep: Trace and cut out the Letter Y Stencil.Print out the simple yak body. Do not cut out- this shape should be easy enough for your preschooler to give it a whirl! Cut out two white circles for the eyes. Draw and cut out a beard or use the attached printable if desired onto brown construction paper.

2. Have your preschooler paint the top fork of the Y with a paintbrush or tooth brush and set aside to dry.

3. While the Y is drying, allow your child (student) to color in the yak's body and add details (lines) to the beard with a brown crayon. Assist them with cutting if needed.

Draw in the hair of the yak using straight lines to practice fine-motor skills

4. Your preschooler should follow these directions: glue the Y to the beard so the fork looks like horns. Glue two white eyeballs onto the face, just under the "horns" of the Y. Draw in the details of the yak's face and glue it to the center of the yak's body.
Draw a face

5. Attach to your Animal ABC Book

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