Animal Alphabet Art- O is for Owl

Animal Alphabet Art- O is for Owl

Make an owl out of O's and triangles.

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Prep: Cut a large brown O and a small brown O for the owl's head and body. Make two long brown triangles for the wings and one wide triangle for the tail. Make 3 small orange triangles for the beak and feet. Cut one yellow triangle for the owl's crest and two black circles for the owl's eyes.

 2. Have your preschooler glue the wings and tail to the back of the larger O. While they are doing this activity ask what shape are they working with and what shape is the letter O.

3. Have your preschooler glue the following: smaller O to the owl's body; yellow triangle to the center of the head; two black circles- one on either side of the yellow triangle;  the orange triangle to center of the face and the two orange triangle to the bottom of the large O for the owl's feet. See photo below for the owl's face.
4. I am a huge fan of allowing some creativity in each craft that has an "end result." Give your preschooler some crayons and have them add some of his or her own details. It's very exciting to see what they come up with!

Here are some great Free Letter O worksheets that we have worked on this week!


  1. Owls are soooo lovely and such a perfect O craft! love your finished owl!! Very cute!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Love the owl! How fun to create art with letters! I am starting a Linky Party if you want to link up at http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/2011/10/first-ever-linky-party.html

  3. I love the owl... a fantastic craft activity for young children.


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