Wordless Wednesday- First Day of School with Linky

Getting on the bus

1st Day of school!
And we Survived! This should be the last first weeks of school. Hopefully you all had a pretty smooth day! Please link up your First Day Photo Posts with me as we celebrate a new school year.


  1. Oh Aimee. I'm glad you survived. I am proud of myself just as much as I'm proud of my son! I've kept it together. It might be a different story next year when my youngest is off to school for the first time...

  2. He looks pretty excited (and a little apprehensive) in that first photo. Did he tell you all about it when he got home? My kid (at 13) gave me the old, "It was OK." :(

  3. Thank you- yes he did wonderful. @Alicia- he just didn't want to take the time to take the picture- ha!


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