August Art and Craft Ideas

There is nothing more to these ideas than just some plain 'ole summer fun!

Warm Colors Sun Art- After your child has learned their colors, and has mastered what primary and secondary colors are; the next concept to introduce them to is the difference between warm and cool colors. Honestly, it didn't take much. All I did was ask my children what colors they thought were "hot" and they pretty much said "red, yellow and orange."

Hand and Feet Palm Tree Collage-  I am a huge fan of mixed media art projects. A lot of my own artwork is created using mixed media or collage. The following project is geared towards preschoolers, however you can always change a few items and have it be a wonderful project for children of all ages!

 A Craft about Feelings

"You are my sunshine" A craft about feelings-   It's Summer- the sun is shinning, the days are longer- and, oh wait- kids are still kids. Long busy days, mixed in with heat can lead into the occasional (or if you're in my house it's x3) melt downs! More often than not, I can sense a melt down a comin' just by the simple facial expressions that my children may give prior to a good one. I decided to do this very simple craft with my children to show them how easy it is to pick up on visually cues as to how a person feels. We discussed feelings, what they may "look" like, we read a few stories and then put our research to work!

Back to School Countdown Calendar Craft

Back to School Countdown Calendar- This may or may not be a great craft for your child anticipating the new school year. My oldest child is not suffering any form of anxiety in starting Kindergarten in September  (unlike his mother who is having a harder time with the idea). He actually asked me to make this countdown calendar to help him count how many days there are until the new school year begins. It may cause the "I'm not so sure of this Kindergarten thing" child to go into anxiety as the day draws near (sometimes not knowing exactly when it's going to hit ya is a good thing!) You can create this anyway that you would like. Below are some Kindergarten-ready steps on how to make our Countdown Craft.

Shell Chime

Nautical Wind Chime- Lately my family has been spending sometime at a local beach here in Western New York. It's a far cry from the sandy beaches along the ocean, but it's a leap up from the five feet of snow that we may get on an occasion. At the last visit to the beach, my daughter broke my heart when her tear-filled eyes looked up at me and asked "Mamma, where are all the seashells?" I glanced out into the murky depths of Lake Erie and replied "They went south for the summer." She then asked if we could get some and paint them. I told her we would do one better and make it into a "Shell Chime" and that she had to find me the perfect driftwood. We had fun and got creative with this very easy craft that made a great mommy and me project! Lake Erie did provide us with a surplus of driftwood. 

Abstract Expressionism
A summer fun lesson in art- Abstract Expressionism- There is so much to learn about the world of art. For the young, making art is simple to them. There are no rules, no restrictions- simply the pleasure of creation is at their fingertips. Many artists have tried to convert to the simplest, spontaneous form in their own artwork.

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