Animal Alphabet Art- V is for Vulture

 Vultures are the perfect animal to create with the letter V. Our local zoo has three awesomely huge vultures that my children are always so excited to go and watch. This letter craft is perfect for beginner cutters!
Animal Alphabet Art- V is for Vulture

What you need:

What to do:
1. Prep: Trace a large letter V onto brown paper with an extra flap on either side. Have your preschooler cut it out. Trace two legs and a beak out of yellow paper and a head out of brown. See photo below.
Vulture cut outs

2. Start by having your preschooler paint the V (with flaps) with light brown and grey paint with a toothbrush (for added texture). It is okay if the two colors mix.
Painting with toothbrush

Then paint the vultures head with this mixture and adding a little red. Allow all items to dry.
Painting the vulture's head

3. Once dry, have your preschooler cut slits into the flaps on the V to form wings. This was EXCELLENT practice for my 3 year old- as she had to get control over opening and closing the scissors while moving the paper.
Practicing the cutting concept

4. Glue the beak (yellow paper) and the wiggle eye to the Vulture's head. Glue the neck to the center of the V and the legs to the bottom of the V.

Tip!!! Only glue the bottom of the neck so the head has a 3D look and feel!

5. Fringe the wings so the individual feathers stand out. I retraced the V. Add to the Animal Alphabet Page Vv.

As always, with any page in the Animal Alphabet Book, do fun activities around the letter Vv. We have playing ABC games and worksheet pages to go along with our alphabet adventure.

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  1. What an awesome craft! We are going to be doing a bird unit in a couple weeks so I just pinned this. Can't wait to try it out with my preschooler!


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