Wordless Wednesday- Our Wool/Copper Anniversary!

Bring on the sweaters and copper piping- this Classified: Mom and her husband just celebrated their 7 year anniversary!
7 years of marriage

Senior Prom- really!
The Kiss
The Blushing Bride

You knew what I was thinking!

7 years and 3 beautiful children

Our book is just beginning!


  1. Happy Anniversary (again!) love the photos! You were a gorgeous bride - love the dress

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am an August bride too! Yay for 7 years! We just celebrated our 3rd. You have such a beautiful family and you are a stunning bride!

  3. Happy anniversary Aimee!! Next year will be our 7 year too...so I guess I better stock up on the sweaters and copper piping too! =) (I haven't followed what celebrations each year is.) I am just waiting for my golden. =)

  4. What a neat retrospective! How long have you been together total?
    Happy Belated Anniversary!!

  5. Happy Anniversary and Happy WW! New follower! http://briannamontanez.blogspot.com

  6. Happy Anniversary!! You have such a cute family. ^.^

    -:¦:- WW: Annabelle Hydrangea -:¦:-

  7. Awww- congratulation on 7 years! My hubby and I just celebrated 16- we're getting old. (he, he) We have a few things in common- we have one of those prom pictures, too & 3 kiddos! :)

  8. That;s awesome! We have been together since 1996!


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