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I have always been very fascinated about art from different parts of the World other than the United States. Don't get me wrong, the US does posses a lot of amazing works of art; I simply find it very interesting to explore and discover other cultures and their representation of artwork. Art is the one bridge that connects us all and no language is necessary to read it.

For the next couple of Fridays, Classified: Mom will be exploring art from around the world either through our own creations and explorations or through highlights that I have found (and created ourselves). We will conclude this lesson with a special linky of your art projects from around the world- either you represent your country or explore another one (and, yes that includes the good ole USA). I love how technology connects us as well. I have met so many wonderful bloggers from all over the world!

Please print off the above passport and fill it in with your child/student as we travel around the world. Most of these art lessons will be geared towards preschool and above! When you are done exploring a country, simply write or stamp or place a sticker under the "COUNTRIES VISITED" section of the passport.

I look Forward to traveling the World with you! Make sure to come back each week and visit to see where we have been!

Countries Classified: Mom have visited:


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  2. What a great project! I'm gathering ideas for when my toddler is old enough to do fun things like this!

  3. Great idea! Back when I was an art teacher, I did this with my preschool class and they loved it. I love how you are bringing together people with this trip around the world. :)

  4. Hello! First time I visit your blog ... I am your newest followers from Blog-Hop!. I hope you get some time to stop by my blog and follow me back through GFC.
    I look forward to know you better through your blog ... Have great weekend!



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