Are you on Triberr? Do you want to be?

I was first introduced to Triberr by Bern over at Mom to 2 Posh Divas (Thank you!) about a few months back. Not knowing what the Triberr phenomenon could provide for a blogger, I joined and fumbled my way through. I am so glad I did!

If you aren't on Triberr- it is awesome! Basically it is a social networking system that utilizes Twitter and your RSS feeds. Imagine having your posts tweeted for you by others automatically?!? Aside, you get to meet new bloggers and start tribes of your own. With this new social network you work together to help share the love of your posts!

A little more about Them: You need an invite to join. Once a member you get to create 3 tribes of your own. At first you can only build tribe members with non-Triberrs, but soon after you are established you may begin what they call "inbreeding." There is so much to Triberr, and the creators do a great job with their video tutorials to help you along the way. Click here to read more about them and their creation!

If you are not on Triberr, and would like an invite, I would like to extend one to you.  I am currently looking for creative mammas who are not on Triberr yet! If that is you and you want to be drop me a comment below- including your Twitter name and the name of your blog. I believe this is a powerful social networking tool that should be shared!


  1. I was just reading up on Triberr yesterday! This was perfect timing!

    I would an invite if you don't mind.
    My twitter name is gleamgal (I started following you yesterday)
    my blog is The Smile Conquest http://www.smileconquest.blogspot.com

  2. Ooh this sounds really cool, please can I join your tribe? ;)

    My twitter name is @MummyMatters and my blog is http://deepinmummymatters.com


  3. So happy you stopped by at my blog! I got to know about triberr. Please do send me an invite. I am roses_mamamagic on twitter. My blog : http://www.roses-mamamagic.blogspot.com
    Thanks !

  4. I hate triberr. With all of the additional posts cluttering up twitter it is totally turning bloggers into spammers.

  5. You know what Julie, I never looked at it that way before- I only saw the positive! Thanks for your input.


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