Animal Alphabet Art- R is for Rabbit

We created a Rabbit using the upper case R for the body and the lower case r for the ears!

Animal Alphabet Art- R is for Rabbit

What you need:

What to do:
1. Prep: Trace a large letter R and two little r's onto white paper. Have your preschooler cut them out.

R and r on paper
Cut them out

2. Start with stretching and gluing the cotton balls to the Big R.

3. Glue the little r's to the head of the rabbit and adhere the cotton balls to them. Cut two oval-shapes out of pink paper and glue to the inner ear.

4. Add wiggle eyes and a button for the eyes and nose. To make the smile cut a piece of brown yarn and glue to the rabbit's face. We added an extra cotton ball to the right for a tail (hard to see in the photos).

5. Glue to the Animal Alphabet Page Rr.

As always, with any page in the Animal Alphabet Book, do fun activities around the letter Rr.We have playing ABC games and worksheet pages to go along with our alphabet adventure.


  1. That is a great learning craft. I will definitely try this on my granddaughter. Already a follower stopping by from the weekend hop. Hope you stop by for a visit.

  2. Such a cute idea and I like how you used both the upper and lowercase letters.

    Jen from
    Creative and Curious Kids!

  3. I love it! Your daughter is very crafty!

  4. such a cute one! I"m saving this for when we do Rr - LOVE it!!!! This would be a great change since we did rainbow R this past year. Thanks!

  5. They are so cute. I love that you used both upper and lower case.

  6. So Adorable! I love the usage of both upper and lower case alphabet "R"


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