Animal Alphabet Art- M is for Monkey

M is such a Marvelous letter. And Monkey's are such mesmerizing creatures! Your little one will be able to practice and sharpen up on his fine motor skills due to a lot of cutting in this lesson!
Animal Alphabet Art- M is for Monkey

What you need:

What to do:
1. Prep: Trace a large letter M onto brown paper. Have your preschooler cut it out. Trace a medium brown circle for the monkey's head and another one out of white paper for the monkey's face. Make small circles for ears and cut trace arms, legs and tail. See photo below.

2. Start by having your preschooler cut the brown yarn into tiny pieces to make the monkey's fur.

3. Glue the tail to the Monkey's body (the large M) and glue the fur (brown yarn) to the tail and body.

4. Glue the face (white paper) to the Monkey's head (medium brown circle). Draw on face and glue to the M body as shown in photo. Glue on arms and legs accordingly.

5. Add to the Animal Alphabet Page Mm.

As always, with any page in the Animal Alphabet Book, do fun activities around the letter Mm.We have playing ABC games and worksheet pages to go along with our alphabet adventure.


  1. That turned out so cute! I think I want to try making all the letters into animals and hang them up in my boys room...first to get some construction paper :)

  2. I haven't seen this letter craft before! It's super cute and creative.


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