The Tattling Police

So, whats a mom to do? I actually have three adorable, kind children who usually adore one another! (No- I am serious- they really do!) On a typical day they usually get along pretty well- playing together nicely, sharing, and all sorts of good stuff. There is only one problem, one minor glitch that occurs more often than not...............the tattling!

All day long I hear "Mom, he looked at me!" or "Maaaaamaaaaa she took the toy out of my hand!' It drives me insane. It gets so bad that my 14 month old will babble and point his pudgy little carrot stick fingers at his older brother and/or sister as if he is telling on them!

At first I resorted to what our parents and their parents- parents- PARENTS have told them: {and I quote} "Is somebody bleeding? Did someone lose a limb? No?! Then keep it to yourself!" I call this option 1. It works the first few times; the tattling will cease for an hour or two. Then it's like "Okay, Mom- nobody is bleeding- but she is laughing at me!"

After that attempt has failed miserably, as it typically does, I basically have two more options that I would like to discuss. Option 2: I can go Gandhi on them and refuse to eat or drink and sit around in my underwear until the tattling phase comes to a complete halt. Unfortunately (or fortunately- depending if you will be viewing such a horrific affair), I don't believe that the kids would even notice, nor care if I were to go to such extremes. (Or, even worse, they may tattle me out to a shrink!) Option 2 is out.

Option 3 is like a secret society. To the average eye I may look like a typical woman- going about my day striving to be the best that I can be for anyone involved in the inner circle of my life. {But here is the best part:} What you may not be aware of is that I am a member of the Tattling Law Enforcement Agency. Yes that's right, The TLE.

Every time I believe that there is a legitimate tattle being told I give out a ticket. This ticket is then signed by the individual at large. Three or more tickets within a day and I start taking away privileges. Also, the best part, (and I am going to clue you in on this little secret) is when you give out a Tattling Ticket they have to tell you what he/she/they could have done differently in that situation to avoid the tattle in the first place! My children (well 2 out of 3- pointing becomes such a bad habit) now think twice before a tattle is told. They actually ask themselves "Am I bleeding?" "Maybe I should ask her to stop laughing at me instead of telling you!"

Try it- give it a few days and watch the tattling go MIA. Or at least more manageable.

With these FREE printable Tattling Tickets you are now a secret member of The TLE Agency. Congratulations- ticket away ;-)

Click on the ticket to download a Free PDF Printable

What do you do to curb tattling?


  1. What a fun idea! JDaniel has started tattling about the children in playgroup.

  2. I absolutely love it...where were you when I was raising my children? But I can use that on the grandkids.....


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