Summer Sun Warm Colors Art and Craft

After your child has learned their colors, and has mastered what primary and secondary colors are; the next concept to introduce them to is the difference between warm and cool colors. Honestly, it didn't take much. All I did was ask my children what colors they thought were "hot" and they pretty much said "red, yellow and orange."
Warm colors sun

Classified: Medium due to the "warm colors" concept and that it is a multi-step process. Great for preschoolers and Kindergartners.

What you need:
  • Red and yellow paper
  • Orange and yellow paint
  • Orange and yellow tissue paper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
What to do:
1. Discuss with your preschool-aged child warm colors. Help them along by connecting feelings and color or list items or objects that are warm and are red, yellow or orange.

2. Paint your child's hand orange and yellow and make prints to make it look like the flames of the sun- making all the palm prints meet in the center (see photo). Allow to dry.
Flame Prints

3. Tear and crumple orange and yellow tissue paper- great for sensory and fine-motor skills!

4. I drew a circle in the center of the flames (hands). I then told them that they could only glue and paste the crumbled tissue paper within the circle. Good lesson on following directions.

5. Allow all pieces to dry and cut out in a flame-like pattern.
6. Cut 8 yellow triangles and have your preschooler glue the centers together.
7. Adhere the painted sun to the center of the yellow flames.

Vocabulary: Warm colors


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  3. Those really are beautiful warm colours - I haven't really thought about discussing how certain colours make you feel... great idea to look at warm and cold colours etc.

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