Children and Exercise- what do you do for family fitness?

With summer in full gear, it is not very difficult to come up with clever ways to get physical activity. There are the usual fun-in-the-sun culprits: swimming, biking, hiking, tag and so on and so forth. Mixed with giggles and smiles any outdoor activity can be a good way to achieve exercise for the entire family.

Although fall and winter seem to be some time from now, it is a great idea to start thinking about how you will keep up with your child's exercise once it is too cold to go outside and play. Believe me, it does not take too much effort to come up with fun and exciting games that require physical activity to play. Hide-n-seek, ring-around-the-rosie, or making an indoor Hopscotch board using masking tape are just some ideas to name a few.

Billy Blanks - Tae Bo KicksMy children (as well as myself) love to do many activities outdoors. However, when the weather is not-so-perfect we will pop in an exercise video for our fitness endeavor. I don't recommend that you rush out to your local retailer and purchase every kid exercise video before you are finished reading this post; however, I would suggest going to your local library and give some a whirl before you make any financial commitment. My children surprised me the other day when they insisted on exercising to Billy Blanks - Tae Bo Kicks. I was in the middle of preparing dinner when this fantastic experience had occurred and could not participate. A tad jealous, I gladly popped in the video and stood back in amazement- without me by their sides, my children completed the entire video! {My 5 year old was very eager to learn each punch and kick- while my 3 year old took occasional breaks.} In between setting the table and mixing the food on the stove, I would jump in. While I had to "sit out" and continue on with my motherly duties most of the time, I couldn't help but to feel a little self-pride- as it was me who introduced them to this particular video. Selfish, I know; but it was one small accomplishment that I wanted to share!

Working out to Tae Bo Kicks!
Your kids aren't into the exercise video genre? You either? Not a problem! Enroll them in parents and me sports, take them to a roller skating rink, go bowling or get outside and enjoy the season. In the fall you can make leaf piles and jump into them, go on hikes, and more often than not- playgrounds are still an option. Got cabin fever? Get outside and go sledding, make snowmen or snow angels. Besides, who says that you cannot play hide-n-seek or tag outside in the fall or winter time?

Most importantly- join in! Being a part of your child's exercise routine is a fantastic way for you to get in your daily activity. Have fun with whatever you chose and it won't seem so much like exercise!

Want more resources? Check out how to make a Kid's Exercise Chart or check out some Kid's Exercise Videos on Amazon

What do you like to do for family fitness- especially in the colder months?


  1. When I was pregnant the second time, my older daughter (then 2 and a half) got into my prenatal yoga DVD. She loved it and did it every day (usually without me as I was quite pathetic at it!). She's now 4 and she still loves to do it on weekends (no time on school day mornings or she'd probably do it then too). It's really quite hilarious to see as she takes it very seriously!

  2. my 2 year old "helps" me when i do my wii fit
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