Animal Alphabet Book: S is for Swan

S is for Swan

What you need:
  • The Letter "S" page from the Animal Alphabet Book
  • The letter "S" stencil
  • Black marker
  • Black paint
  • White Tissue Paper
  • Orange paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrushes and cup of water

What to do:
1. Prep: Trace the S stencil onto the "S" paper and draw a "Swan Shape" around the S (See photo below). Helpful hint: if you are making this for a large class you can draw out or trace my photo below and then make photo copies. As a class or group, tear and crumble the white tissue paper into small balls.
Click to make larger

2. Using watercolors, have your preschool paint in the letter "S" and paint a background. Allow them to be creative.
"It's the process.... not the product."

3. Have your preschooler apply glue within the swan shape and glue on the white tissue paper crumbles.
Make tissue paper crumbles
Gluing tissue paper onto swan

4. Paint on the Swan's eye with your preschoolers fingertip and black paint.
5. Cut a small triangle out of orange paper and glue on.
6. Optional: my daughter and I painted an outline around the swan and highlighted the S in the swan's neck. This, of course, is optional.

Ideas for "S" activities:
Go for an "S" scavenger hunt and collect items that start with the letter "S".

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  1. That is darling! You have some awesome ideas! Can't wait to explore your blog more.


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