Animal Alphabet Art: P is for Peacock

P is for Peacock

What you need:
The Letter P from the Animal Alphabet Book
Blue and green construction paper
Orange felt or construction paper
Letter P stencil
Black crayon or markers

What to do:
1. Trace and cut (or have them cut if they are old enough) out the letter "P" on green construction paper. Make a head shape out of blue construction paper (see photo for idea on shapes).
Planning out the shapes for the peacock.

2. Have your preschooler paste feathers to the back of the letter P and allow them to dry.

3. Once the feathers are set, have your preschooler glue the green P to the blue head to form a peacock onto the letter Pp page of the Animal Alphabet Book.

4. Cut a beak and legs out of orange construction paper or felt and glue into place.

5. Draw in facial details and add feathers for more details (i.e. wings and head feathers).

Here is a great photo of a Peacock

Additional Activities for the Letter P: Paint a purple picture, or make the letter "P" out of pennies!


  1. Super cute! I'm so happy I found your alphebet ideas to share with my youngest!

  2. this is super cute! We just saw tons of peacocks today on our lil trip! :)

  3. Thanks ladies- we love these animals as they are allowed to walk freely at the local zoo!


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