Under the Sea Kids Craft- Octopus (Squid)

Fun creatures, such as the octopus or squid, are very fascinating creatures. Difference Between.Net explains very nicely the exact difference between the two. Which ever one you chose to name this craft after, rest assured BOTH creatures have 8 arms!
Squid/octopus Craft

Classified: Medium and can take some time to dry! Good for ages 4 and older.

What you need:
  • Clay pot
  • Blue (or other color), white and black acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tacky glue
  • Blue (or other color) felt
  • Scissors 
  • Marker
  • Optional: to hang you will need string or yarn and a large bead.

What to do:
1. Paint the clay pot blue (we used various shades) and allow it to dry.

2. In the meantime, draw out 8 arms on blue felt and cut out. If your child is handy with the scissors, allow them to cut out on his or her own.
What the legs should look like

3. Glue the arms to the bottom (well, in reality the top) of the upside-down clay pot. Allow time to dry. When ours was completely dry we painted over the tops of the felt arms with blue paint to make it blend in. You don't need to do this.

Adding on the 8 arms

4. Paint on eyes and a mouth.

5. If you would like to hang your octopus/squid- simply thread a string through the hole of the clay pot and tie the string around a bead. This will anchor the string into place and make it easier for you to hang.

We read the book: I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean
Great Web sites about squids for kids: National Geographic for Kids, Buzzle.com


  1. cute craft! We have this book from the library to read - never read it before!

    We are working on our ocean theme too - so fun - love how we are in sync w/o even knowing haha

  2. Very cute, we just made a jellyfish at VBS using a clear balloon and curling ribbon for tentecales. The kids loved it and it as super easy. I would have loved to use this one too, good thing there's always next year. :)


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