The Terrific Threes

I wish I could take the individual who has quoted the term "Terrible Twos" and toss them in a room loaded with temper tantrum throwing-  whining-  destructive- cant keep my hands to myself 3-year olds. And even then, I may not feel 100% satisfaction.

Two is a walk in the park. Two is like the wedding day that went wrong but still works out beautifully. Three is like going to the dentist to have a routine visit and leave having a root canal!

Or is it just my genetic make-up?

Although my two-week-shy of 3 year old is nothing compared to what her older brother was like at this age; she still is becoming very trying. My oldest boy was noted for hitting and throwing himself on the floor. My daughter is best known for the screeching screams and uncontrollable sobs. What's the less evil of the two? I guess that depends on what drives you less insane.

What makes 2 so much more lovable than 3 (well, in my humble opinion that is)?

  • In my experience,  I believe that this is the average age (between 2.5-3.5 years) where a lot of kids give up their naps. This is a time-frame in which their body (and brain) needs time to adjust. Overworked, and over played is a big overload for such a small person. One time my daughter, who was blatantly tired, sobbed and screamed on the top of her little lungs "I AM NOT TRIED!" as I had to carry her from my son's preschool door to the car while pushing her little brother in a stroller.
  • They are more verbal. Now, you would think this would cool the tantrums because they can communicate as to how they feel? Personally, I believe it just makes the tantrum more sophisticated. For example, instead of simply screaming and crying- words are now thrown in the mix. Words like "You can't make me" or "I'm not gonna" mix nicely amongst snot and tears. My personal fav is when they throw in the seizure looking kicks.
  • They want to be more independent. They want to explore more and they want to challenge your authority. I can still here my mother say "I give you an inch and you take a mile!" Three year olds will take 4 or more miles if they could. 
So what's a mom (or dad) to do? First, find it within yourself to gain more patience- it does get easier. Secondly, take a break. Take the night out on the town, go grocery shopping alone or close the bathroom door when you go if you have to! And thirdly (the most difficult) don't take it personally. They love you just the same, they just cannot filter or sensor their emotions or feelings as of yet. Encourage good behavior, reteach the unwanted behavior- and remember to give out hugs!

What's your best advice for dealing with the Awesome Threes?


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