Kids Craft- Ant Critter

Teach your preschool child about shapes (circle and rectangle, the color black and counting to 6 with this easy to make, yet fun kids craft about ants.
Ant craft for kids

Classified: Easy and is great for the preschool aged child.

What you need:
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Toliet paper tube
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • White crayon
  • Black pipe cleaner

What to do:
1. Preparation: cut 6 small and long rectangles to make the ants feet, 2 long and thin rectangles for the antennae and a circle for his head out of black construction paper. Cut the toliet papr tube into three equal parts. Cut two atenana out of the black pipe cleaner.

2. Discuss with your preschooler about ants.
Suggested books:
Ant Cities (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)Two Bad Ants
Suggested Website: Enchanted Learning and  Pestworld for Kids 

3. Discuss with your preschooler that they will be creating an ant out of circles and rectangles. Have them paint each section black and set aside to dry.
Paint each section black

4. Using a white crayon, have them draw a face on the ant and glue on the antennae (black pipe cleaner).
Step 4.

5. Have your preschooler count out 6 black rectangles for the legs. "Crimp" the legs of the ant by showing your child how to fold the paper back and forth (great practice for fine motor skills!) Repeat for each leg.
Leg of ant

6. Once dry, glue the legs to the body of the ant; glue the head to one of the painted tube sections; and finally, glue all three sections together. Allow to dry.

Top view

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  1. Lovely! So cute and a perfect craft as all the little ants come out....

    Thanks again for linking to Kids Get Crafty!



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