July Art and Craft Ideas

4th of July
Patriotic Centerpiece Oh the grand red, white and blue! Have your children create this Patriotic Centerpiece craft and display it for both Memorial Day and for The 4th of July.

Under the Sea
Octopus Clay Pot Craft- Fun creatures, such as the octopus or squid, are very fascinating creatures. Difference Between.Net explains very nicely the exact difference between the two. Which ever one you chose to name this craft after, rest assured BOTH creatures have 8 arms!

Oyster Craft- Create a clam or oyster craft by using the marbling technique.Very easy and fun to create!


Rainbow Fish Chalk Painting- Chalk is such a great, inexpensive medium to do art with. Dry chalk is fun- get it wet with water and it gets even better! The following directions are for the preshcool-first grade child. Older children can create an entire underwater world drawing and painting with both dry and wet chalk.

Eric Carle, is a well-known children's author and artist. For our "Under the Sea" crafting segment, we were very inspired by Eric Carle's fascinating book Mr. Seahorse. Not only where the illustration beautiful and fun to look at, but the amazingly true story as to how many male fish are the primary care giver stunned us as we read through this wonderful book!

Crab Craft Make this crab craft out of everyday household materials. With a great book, a trip to your local Aquarium, or an educational Web site; this craft can be an excellent learning opportunity as well.

Crab Craft for Babies  Teach your young toddler/baby how to make a crab through hand and feet painting. Great for sensory exploration and very simple to make!

Jellyfish Create a tie-dye looking jellyfish kids craft out of very inexpensive, find-around-the-home/classroom items! You can incorporate learning about the letter J, as well as learning about the animal jellyfish as well.

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