Sibling Regression

I love my children. All three have a special place in my heart. However, my almost three year old Diva is driving me insane these days. She is the middle child, sandwiched between two pesky boys (ages 1 and 5) and is insanely outspoken, mildly mannered and a constant chatter-box. She has a "No, I will do it" attitude that makes her exceed in many areas of learning and basic life skills.

I did not potty train my little Diva at 20 months; she simply suggested that she had to use the potty.

I did not teach her to dress and undress herself- she figured that out by age two. It is now an everyday battle as she has to select her own clothing. Thankfully she coordinates colors well and usually will only wear dresses anyway.

The past few weeks have been an absolute challenge with her as she all of a sudden forgot how to get onto the big potty without help and is now asking to be carried when she never wanted to be held as a baby. A part of me wants to be the nurturing type and give-in to her babyish ways; and the other part misses the Miss Independent.

What have I done to try to stop sibling regression in its tracks? I have pointed out things that she can do that her baby brother cannot do- like take dance class. I have also done some special girly activities (such as painting our nails) in which the boys chose not to or cannot participate in. Thus far they have made her feel as though she is the big girl that she is and she is starting to get back on track.

Being an adult, it is often hard to get inside a three year old's mind to see how they feel and what they are thinking. I can only imagine how she feels being the only girl stuck in between two attention seeking boys.

I also must remember when I say to out-loud "You should be doing {FILL IN THE BLANK} you're 3!" to remember that yeah, she is only 3! 

Many children encompass many phases- and many phases feel as though the last for eternity when in reality they are only for a month or two. Soon, this too shall pass.

Have you experienced sibling regression? And if so, how have you handled it?


  1. awww * u are so right ... it's a phase & will pass ... but can be overwhelming just the same ;) cheers to mamas & patience * *

  2. I love your outlook on this stage! It is tough being three and being stuck between two boys. Attemoting to look at things through her eyes is the best possible thing you can do. You may not always see eye-to-eye, but at least you understand where she's coming from. (I'm still doing this with my 13 y.o. son!)
    My toddler is very much like your daughter and it can be trying at times. I can only imagine how it must be when you've got two others who need your attention, too!


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