What Daddy's Do Differently

I am a nurturer.

I am the one they run to when they fall and get a "boo-boo."

I am the one they want a bed-time story from at night.

I am the one that they ask for when they cannot sleep.

But there are things that Daddy provides for them that I cannot. At times it is hard to pinpoint- the exact Daddy charisma that draws our children to him. But it is there.

My children go to Daddy when the need to wrestle and play rough. They know that mommy is too "gentle" when she wrestles and battles with her boys and is way too nice when her little girl participates. She knows that Daddy is a gentle rough; although she holds her breathe the entire time they play.

My children go to Daddy with an inquiring mind. They want to know how the world works and what they can do to 'fix it'. They enjoy watching Daddy take things a part and put it back together again. I am always annoyed when I cannot open a jar of something and my kids suggest that I let Daddy give it a try- he is good at fixing things.

My daughter goes to Daddy when she wants extra attention. There is something special about a father-daughter bond that I will never experience with my daughter. I am very envious of that special bond, but know how daughters need their fathers.

Daddy is intellectual, strong and rough. My children wouldn't want him any other way.

Father's are definitely special and have their own way of child rearing that I am often amazed about. What does your child's Daddy do that you cannot? Does it drive you insane? Do you caught up in the moment and just take a step back in wonder and aw?


  1. This was a good post and so very true! Mommies and daddies each have a special skill set and kids need time with both parents.

  2. What a great post! I am the rule maker and the organizer. Nothing would ever happen if it weren't for me. But nothing would ever be fun if it weren't for him, so together we make the perfect pair :)

  3. My baby thinks my husband is hilarious. I can NEVER get her to laugh like he can. He can just look at her and she cracks up. Also the dog can do the same thing. I guess I'm not funny?


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