Painting with Tissue Paper- A Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers Art Lesson

 "It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to.... The feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important than the feeling for pictures."~ Vincent Van Gogh

A post-impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh is personally one of my favorite of all time. His paintings reveal true emotion, texture and vibrant colors. Although he never knew how famous of an artist he would become after his death, Van Gogh no doubt has a huge impact in the world of art today.

Want to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh? Visit http://www.vangoghgallery.com/. It is a very well written Website that displays the life, works, and other information about Vincent van Gogh.
Need a children's book to help ease into a Vincent van Gogh lesson? I recommend "van Gogh and the Sunflowers" by Laurence Anholt.

Classified: Medium and is intended for the second or third grade.

Time: 3-4 classes, 40 minutes a piece.

What you need:
  • Various shades of tissue paper
  • White glue
  • Container
  • Water
  • 5x7" cardboard
  • Drawing pencil
  • Wax paper

What to do:
1. Introduce your students (child) to the artist Vincent van Gogh and his paintings about sunflowers. Set the mood, read children's books about the artist, have van Gogh Sunflower posters on display, and even have a vase full of sunflowers (real or fake).

2. Preparation: Mix two parts glue to one part water in an individual container. Tear (or cut) small 2x2" squares of tissue paper in various colors and shades.

3. Have your students (child) draw flowers in a vase either from a still life displayed in front of them, a Vincent van Gogh Sunflower still life painting, or create one of their own onto the 5x7" cardboard. They don't necessarily have to be sunflowers either. The main goal of this lesson is to create texture and vibrant color out of a still life just as van Gogh did. Let them be creative with it.

4. Rest the cardboard on top of a sheet of wax paper. This is to prevent adhering when drying from the glue.

5. To "paint" with tissue paper: lightly dip the tissue paper square into the glue/water mixture and mold and shape onto the cardboard where the drawing is made. Add as much tissue paper that is needed to fill in the entire area- being careful not to allow colors to bleed into one another. Want to add more texture? Partially dip the top layer of tissue paper into the glue/water mix and adhere to the top of the tissue paper painting.

6. Allow 48 hours (or more) to dry thoroughly before hanging.

Vocabulary: Texture, color, Vincent van Gogh, still life.

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  1. I love this idea. I love how not only did you give us a craft to do with our kids, but you really showed how to teach it and make it a lesson. Great post, thanks for sharing it!


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