May Art and Craft Ideas

Mother Day Flower Vase Craft- This is a very easy craft to make using very few materials. Add a photo to make this craft a "keepsake". Teach your toddler/preschooler about the shapes heart and circle, the anatomy of the flower, how to follow step-by-step directions and color theory of how blue and yellow make green.

Mother's Day Flower Card- What mommy doesn't love a vase full of "hand" picked flowers? This Mother's Day craft is a very easy-to-make keepsake that can also be used as a card!

April Showers bring May Flowers...................
 Footprint Flower Vase- Springtime is in the air and my 10 month old is very curious about the world around him! To help brighten up our day and my decor, he made flower painting of his own using his footprints. As I painted his feet, I showed him what colors we were using: red, yellow and orange (warm colors) to make his flower prints. He laughed tremendously as I printed his pudgy feet over and over again in a bouquet fashion.

Cinco de Mayo..........
Easy Plate Maracas Craft- Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated on the 5th of May each year to commemorate the 1862 battle in which the Mexican army won over the French. Celebrate it with Mexican traditions such as the musical instruments like the maracas.

Sombrero Clay Pot Hats- This craft is super easy to make using clay pots! We turned this craft into a candy dish that holds Mexican Jumping Beans (Jelly Beans) or Red Hots.

Sombrero Clay Pot Craft for Cinco de Mayo

God's Eye Craft- Okay, so this isn't an "original" Classified: Mom Craft- but it is still fun and educational to share! I usually taught this to my first grade class when I taught art. I even taught it to a group of educators when I presented at an educational conference where I held a seminar about Religion and art (fascinating topic by the way). They had a blast creating one!

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