Kid's Craft- Papier Mache Bunny Basket

Can I just take a moment to say that I love creating Papier Mache projects? It is a great, inexpensive way to introduce your child/student to three-dimensional art. Below, are step-by-step directions for you to create a Bunny Easter Basket. You may take the below directions to make your own animal basket/bin.
Classified: Hard. There are several steps and a lot of drying time. Great lesson for ages 9 and up!

What you need:
  • Newspaper
  • Papier Mache paste or the below recipe to make your own
  • White glue
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Empty and clean gallon milk jug
  • Masking tape
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Optional: Tissue paper and decoupage glue.
  • Other supplies: wax paper, bowl, measuring cup, towels, etc.

 Papier Mache Recipe:
  • 1 part flour to one part water. For a stronger mold add some white glue.
What to do: 

1. Preparation: Adult: Cut the milk jug gallon in half and discard the top half. Have supplies ready for use.

2. To make the bunny's head:
  • Roll a ball of newspaper in ratio to the 1/2 milk jug and tape into place.
  • Cut two rabbit ears out of layers of newspaper. Tape the layers together and tape to the rabbits head. Please be aware that the rabbits ears will become "floppy" unless you replace the layers of newspaper with cardboard for extra strength.
  • Roll two small newspaper balls and tape to the front of the face to create cheeks.
  • Tape the head to the front of the gallon milk jug.

3. To create the front and hind legs:
  • Roll newspaper into a medium sized ball for hind leg and tape into place. Then roll newspaper into a "sausage link"shape and tape into place for paw. Tape together and then adhere onto the backside of the milk jug. Repeat for other hind leg.
  • The front paws are the "sausage link" shaped piece. Make two and tape into place.

4. To create the tail:
  • Roll a small ball of newspaper and tape to the back of the milk jug.

5. Tear strips of newspaper and Papier Mache over the entire bunny mold; including inside the milk jug and underneath by dipping the strips into the paste. Do not add too much paste to each strip.

6. Add 2-3 layers and allow to dry for 24 hours. Add another 2-3 layers and dry completely. Your Bunny Basket will be hard as a rock when fully done.

7. Decorate your Bunny Basket. You can:
  • Paint with acrylic paints and seal it with acrylic sealer.
  • Crumble tissue paper and glue onto the bunny 'pinata' style.
  • Decoupage tissue paper over the entire Bunny Basket and paint in details.

8. You can turn your Easter Bunny Basket into a planter by inserting a potted plant or Easter Lily.

Vocabulary: Three-Dimensional Art, sculpture, Papier Mache


  1. Oh my! HOW cute is your bunny?!?! I love him!! Absolutely adorable!!!


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  12. This is adorable!!! Great job!

  13. This is awesome! I was just thinking about doing some paper mache so I might have to try this out instead of buying those baskets you get in the store. :) Thanks for the ideas!


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