Kid's Craft: Mother's Day Flowers Card

What mommy doesn't love a vase full of "hand" picked flowers?

This Mother's Day craft is a very easy-to-make keepsake that can also be used as a card!
Classified: Easy and is great for Baby and up with slight modifications.

What You Need:
  • Various shades of 9x12 construction paper- minimally green
  • Glue
  • Tempera paint (any color)
  • Scissors
  • 2 Popsicle Sticks
  • Crayons, markers, photographs, stickers or whatever materials you want to decorate your Mother's Day Card!
What You Do: 

1. Preparation for younger children: Cut out Two large hearts out of {child's choice of color} construction paper. Make one heart slightly smaller. We used two different colors for the hearts. Using green construction paper, cut 4 stem and leafs out (see photo below).
Optional: Have your child paint the paper before cutting into a heart. I allowed my baby (11 months at the time) and my toddler to freely paint on the paper. My toddler decided that she wanted to paint "with" her hands! Remember- it's the process not the product!

2. Have your child select a color scheme that you would like to use for creating the flower. For instance, we used dark purple paint on light purple paper. Paint your child's hands (each one) and print them onto the selected paper. Allow all the paint to dry.
3. Cut out all pieces: the two hearts, the stem and leaf (note: you will need 4 of these), and the hand prints. If your child is old enough, allow them to cut out their own pieces.

What You Need


4. Assembly. Toddlers and older can assist you in the assembly of their Mother's Day Cards. Preschoolers and up can assemble by themselves.
Step 1: Either you our your child write a special message, draw a picture, include a photograph, etc. on the smaller of the two hearts.
Step 2: Have your child them Glue the smaller heart onto the larger heart using a glue stick.
Step 3: Glue together the hand print to the stem so it looks like a flower.
Step 4: Glue the flowers to the top center of the heart. Then have your child apply glue to both sides of the Popsicle sticks and place one on each stem. Place the other stem directly on top of the Popsicle  stick, aligning the to together.

 Step 5: Allow to dry.
Step 6: Fold the sides of the heart in so the slightly overlap.

Give to a mommy on Mother's Day!

Some good books about Moms:
Are You My Mother?
Mommy Hugs
Mommy Mine
I Love You, Mommy (Little Golden Book)


  1. So cute! My daughter will be making one! Thanks!

  2. What a wonderful craft. I will have to try this with Moo and give her card to Grandma!

  3. GFC follow *heavensent1* from the BHS&J Wednesday Hop...ifn you have a moment, please stop by my place and have a look around ~ Mad Moose Mama ~ http://madmoosemama.blogspot.com ~ Have yourself a groovy day...peaces...xoxo

  4. Thanks! These cards are going to Grandma's. I asked my husband if I left him the steps if he could do this with the kids. He just stared at me........................

    Let me know how they turn out ;-)

  5. cute!
    saying hello from


  6. Oh muh gah! Very cute & easy too (like my husband: nudge nudge, wink, nudge.) This is similar to my daffodil crafty thingy. Get straws, paint green or make from green construction paper. With yellow (or pink, purple, whatever color floats yer boat) con. paper cut out a 4 inch or so rectangle, make into tube, glue in place. When stable/dry have kids cut one end of tube with 3-4 2 inch slits so it can lay flat. On other end, have them cut a whole lot of little slits so it looks like the ruffle-y face of the inside of a daffodil. Cut 3 to 4 inch raindrop shaped pieces use for the outer petals (fold the paper before cutting to make multiple petals) on the flattened end of the inner tube shaped thingy, glue 5 (or more depending on tastes) petals to make the daffodils. Lather, rinse, repeat. Glue stems to flowers & VOILA! Daffodils to last a long, long time. Your craft is way more awesome, but those daffodils make my girls giddy & can kill an hour or more for electronics-free entertainment. Happy Mother's Day!


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