Earth Day Tissue Box Challenge; A Functional Piece of Art

So, this year for Earth Day my children and I participated in the Tissue Box Challenge over at The Activity Mom's  and JDaniel4's Mom's Blog!
A Flower Box made from recycled material

Classified: Environmentally Friendly!

After finishing up our Papier Mache Bunny Basket, and being in the Papier Mache mode, my children and I decided to make a flower box using a tissue box, newspaper and a plastic bag as our recycled materials.

Using a tissue box, I knew that our first challenge was Papier Maching the box without it collapsing! We decided that it was best to start on the inside, and only the bottom. It worked!

We then papier mached the rest of the box..............................

To create a liner to hold in the dirt and water (and so we don't collapse what was already done) we adhered a plastic bag to the inside of the box.

And then we papier mached some more.........................

And painted (my daughter chose the color pink, my son red. I was thinking Earth tones. I lost that battle!)..........................

In an earlier lesson on Earth Day, we discussed how we can reduce our carbon "footprint." When our pink and red paints were dry, my oldest son wanted to have footprints on the flower box to remind us to take care of the Earth! It's amazing what information they retain.

We then planted flowers in our finished product.

Let's see how long it lasts!


  1. Love it! Great idea! Thanks for linking up.

  2. I seriously LOVE this idea! It's wonderful how you tied the challenge into Earth Day & used recycled materials!

    BTW, You are officially my paper mache Queen, after doing 2 such projects in a row :) !

    Good luck with the contest!


  3. That is such a pretty planter! Love the use of the tissue box:)

  4. I love this! We've asked friends to save all of their tissue boxes. I'd love to make these with my kids for all of the moms we know.

    I've added this to the Craft/Recipe linky at Mommy D's Kitchen. It's a new one and I really like the idea of having a bunch of great crafts and recipes all on one page. I'm trying to spread the word for her because I'd have to see her stop hosting for lack of interest. If you have more ideas to share, please do! http://mommydskitchen.com/recipe-hop/

  5. This is a really cute idea! I bet the little ones had fun making this. The way it's textured is resembles a brick. I love the footprints. This would make a great gift for grandparents! Thanks for sharing.


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