Cinco de Mayo Easy Plate Maracas Craft

Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated on the 5th of May each year to commemorate the 1862 battle in which the Mexican army won over the French. Celebrate it with Mexican traditions such as the musical instruments like the maracas.

Classified: Easy and is best suited for children 3 and up.
Website: Inside Mexico- Cinco de Mayo
Book(s): Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Mexican Hat Dance (Stories to Celebrate) 
Vocabulary: Cinco de Mayo, Mexico, celebration, maraca

What You Need:
  • Small (dessert) plates
  • Popsicle stick
  • White, red and green paint
  • White Glue
  • Stapler
  • Rice or dried beans
  • Decorating accents such as streamers, beads, buttons, pom-poms, etc.
What You Do:
Preparation: Either you our your child/student poor rice (or dried beans) onto one of the dessert plates and apply glue around the edges. Place a Popsicle stick into the glue and sandwich it between two paper plates. Allow to dry. I personally stapled it for extra security (think.... rice, floor!) Plus I felt that it held the handle of the maraca (Popsicle stick) into place better once stapled.

1. Introduce Cinco De Mayo to your child/students. Make it fun by adding some Mexican food to share!
2. I painted my maraca to resemble the Mexican Flag (green, white and red). Have your child design their maraca as they wish using the traditional Mexican colors. They can paint, color, add some decorations, etc. Remember, it's the process not the product. If you are working with older children, you can discuss elements of art and design within the project. For example, you can have them make a pattern with green, white and red beads - or - use symmetry by designing one side of the maraca to look like the opposite side.

3. Allow their designs to dry completely before they can be shaken. Play some Mexican Music and shake your maracas to form a marching band!

3 year old creation
5 year old creation.

Note: As you see from above, my almost 3 year old sneaked into my art bin and pulled out some pink pom-poms........... It's the process.............she had to have pink and is the type of little girl who has to leave her mark in the world (or in art)!


  1. Easy & Fun = PERFECT for Me! I am totally doing these next week in honor of Cinco de Mayo! :) Muchas gracias por la idea!

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  3. What a fun idea to celebrate cinco de mayo!

  4. This is a great Cinco de Mayo craft! I'm going to pass it on to some of my fellow teachers at school!

    I'm a new Twitter and Facebook (was already a GFC follower) follower from the Super Stalker Sunday hop! Hope to see you soon!
    Mariah, FormulaMom

  5. I saw you on Super Stalker Sunday and I am now following you. Very nice craft you posted! I read about your degrees. The "nothing" in parenting cracked me up. Here's my blog http://talesfrommyjournal.blogspot.com/ Keep in mind I am very new to this and even had help with my design. I thought having a blog would help spread the word about my new business www.lillarose.biz/DeniseMartin

  6. Just wanted to add that you can also use dried beans & if you use all biodegradable items (paints, glue/paste, etc.) once Cinco de Mayo is over, they can plant the maraca & watch their beans sprout & maybe grow well enough to produce more beans. What would we call this? Sustainable kiddie crafts? Hmmmmm... Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also, if you are in an alcohol free home (or in the mood to make "virgin" drinks) get silly with making various daiquiris & perhaps make a margarita with lime juice & ice, use sugar instead of salt to coat the glass's rim & our big hit is our Non-tequila Sunrises: pineapple juice, mango or mango-guava juice & grenadine. Yum!

  7. Thanks for this great tutorial! I threw an "Around the World" birthday party for one of my daughters. We travelled to 5 different countries and did a craft and an activity that represented each country. We did this craft as part of our "trip" to Mexico. I posted a link to this on my blog: www.cindyscreativecuts.com


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