Pom Poms Easter Chick Critter

Need a cute little filler for your child's Easter basket? Want to add a little something to an existing Easter craft? Perhaps you just want to make a small gift for your child (or students). The Pom Poms Easter Chick Critter is an easy craft that can accomplish any of the above.

Classified: Easy!

What you need: (per chick)
  • 2 yellow pom poms
  • 1 orange pipe cleaner
  • 1 5x5" piece of yellow felt
  • 2 Wiggle Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & sticks (for adult assembly) - or - Fabric glue for child assembly

What to do:
The quick and easiest way to accomplish this craft is by using a hot glue gun. I made 1 chick in less than 5 minutes. For that reason I am going to explain the following instructions by using a hot glue gun:
1. Gather all materials and turn your hot glue gun on.
2. While the hot glue gun is warming up, cut two wings and a tail out of the yellow felt.
3. Cut a 1/2" piece from the orange pipe cleaner to make the beak. Bend together and twist the ends. Make a slight fold where the ends meet to make it easier to glue the beak to the chick's face.
4. Cut a 3" piece for the orange pipe cleaner to make the chicks feet. I found in easier to shape the pipe cleaner into a U to attach it to the chick. Cut two more 1/4" pieces for the toes. Twist each 1/4" piece to each leg.
5. Now for the assembly! Glue the 2 yellow pom poms together to form the head and body. I used 2 pom poms that were the same size simply because I think it's too cute how baby chicks always look like they are one big puff of yellow fluff. You can choose your own sizes.
6. Glue face together as shown:
7. Glue the wings on each side of the body and the tail on the back.
8. Glue the feet at the curve of the U and attach it to the bottom half of the chick.
9. Give it one minute to dry before you pull away any fly-away glue strands. Helpful Hint: Take a blow dryer to it to eliminate all the glue strands with ease!


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  4. these are adorable Aimee! I think they would make a nice homade touch to an Easter basket - thanks so much for super cute & easy idea!



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